Les Tuileries: A Park For All Ages

The Tuileries garden has something to do whether you are young or old. The attractions for children will make sure they are never bored!

The Tuileries garden is truly a park where anyone of any age can go and enjoy what is around them. One can spot adults sunbathing or reading in chairs, teenagers laughing as they walk about, and children giggling on the several kid attractions the garden has to offer. It is also an easy space for kids to ride their bikes and play other sorts of games on the grounds. Additionally, as the Tuileries is located in a very central part of Paris, there are often street performers around the garden to attract children as well. The Tuileries offers four main activities for children: a playground, carousel, Ferris wheel, and a trampoline park. The playground is free of charge, and can be seen swarming with parents and children on a nice day. The carousel looks as if it was taken from a Disney movie and moved to a magical clearing of trees in the Tuileries, spinning along as children ride the different animals inside. The trampoline park is perhaps the funniest to observe, with children bouncing and screaming as they move from trampoline to trampoline. While these three attractions are primarily for smaller kids, the Ferris wheel is open to anyone willing to pay twelve euros. The view from up top is spectacular, and it is interesting to see the Tuileries from a birds-eye view, and truly marvel at the large size. No matter what age you are, there is always something to do at the Tuileries, if not simply sitting in a classic green chair and taking in the atmosphere.